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Pharmaceutical chemistry department is a dynamic academic wing of pharmacy education that imparts knowledge to students about the chemistry of pharmaceutical substances and their applications in the field of pharmacy. The study of pharmaceutical chemistry encompasses the fundamental life-related pharmaceutical substances and their chemical interactions with life, using organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, medicinal chemistry, analytical chemistry and biochemistry as a base, upon which is built a wide range of research fields.

The pharmaceutical chemistry department efficiently moulds the students to integrate all aspects of chemistry into diverse pharmaceutical & medical sciences research. Each laboratory of the pharmaceutical chemistry department is involved in the research related to drug discovery and development.

Salient Features of Department

The role of Pharmaceutical Chemistry continues to be one of the main drives in the field of Pharmacy services and drug discovery research, the department comprises many advanced research instruments such as Insliico drug discovery lab, Rotary evaporator, fully automatic scientific Microwave oven, semi automatic scientific Microwave oven, UV spectrophotometer, FT-IR, SHIMADZU HPLC gradient systems.




Pharmaceutical Chemistry department contribute towards research in Drug discovery & synthesis, Impurity Profiling, Phytochemical / semi-synthetic research, In-silico drug design and discovery, Green chemistry, QSAR/Pharmacophore model studies. The department actively involves in fetching various research projects grants from funding agencies and received many research grants. The department has excellent records of research publications in reputed journals with good impact factor, also delivers the original research works carried out, conducts and participates in many national and international research forums.



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