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Laboratories with state-of-the art facilities are available to provide an opportunity for students to apply knowledge and to acquire skills that make them for ready employability in pharma Industries. Industrial oriented practical training is also provided to students through proper designed practical concepts.

The list of laboratories available in the institution is given below.

  • Pharmaceutics laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical chemistry laboratories
  • Pharmacology laboratories
  • Pharmacognosy & phytochemistry laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical analysis laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical microbiology and biotechnology laboratory
  • Anatomy and physiology laboratory
  • Sophisticated instrumentation laboratory
  • Computer laboratory
  • Machine room
  • Animal house approved by CPCSEA

Facilities are available in the pharmaceutics laboratories for the development of various conventional solid, liquid and semisolid dosage forms; including tablets, capsules, syrups, suspensions, emulsions, ointments, creams and gels.

Students studying pharmaceutics will be thoroughly exposed to the fundamentals of Industrial Pharmacy, Cosmetics and cosmeceuticals and trained in several specialized areas, including

  • Formulation and development of Topical Dosage forms.
  • Novel drug delivery systems
  • Nanotechnology

The laboratories are well equipped to train students in practical concepts and in research in the area of Inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, Medicinal chemistry, Biochemistry and phyto chemistry.

Facilities are available for pursuing research in the area of

  • molecular modeling
  • synthesis of novel lead molecules
  • microwave synthesis
  • isolation of phytochemicals from plants

Effects of various drugs on animal models will be demonstrated in pharmacology laboratories using mice, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits.

Handling of animals and experiments on preclinical studies will be carried out majorly in Pharmacology laboratories.

Facilities in Pharmacognosy laboratories are provide for the students to acquire skills in learning morphological and microscopical characters of natural drugs using, compound microscope, dissection microscope & projection microscope. Students are trained in different types of extraction, separation, purification and identification of individual components present in plants.

Sophisticated Chromatographic and Spectroscopic techniques are available in the department to pursue research traditional system of medicine.

Standardization of herbal drugs is also being carried out by the students in this department.

Pharmaceutical analysis provides a variety of functions, often practically to identify and quantify the chemical composition of components present in reactive intermediate, drug formulations and natural drug formulations. The department has state-of-art infrastructural facilities with sophisticated analytical instruments like UV- Visible spectrophotometer, FT-IR, Gas chromatography, HPLC and HPTLC.

The students will have extensive practical hands-on training in basic molecular biology techniques including maintenance of aseptic condition, preparation of media, sterilization, inoculation techniques, incubation process, isolation and cultivation of microbial culture, staining techniques, biochemical tests used to identify microbes, fermentation techniques, estimation of proteins, isolation of nucleic acids, electrophoresis, PCR, ELISA and anti-microbial activity studies etc.

The Human anatomy and physiology laboratory has the provision for the students to learn about the structure and functions of human body. This laboratory and adjunct museum facilitates study of anatomy in the bodily systems using various models, charts, the dissection of specimens. Additionally, the lab also has the capacity for investigation of physiological functionality through experimentation using haemometer, haemocytometer, sphygmomanometer and spirometer, which can measure cardiovascular and pulmonary responses. This laboratory helps to acquire knowledge of the human body’s systems, the interdependence of these systems, and how these systems respond to exercise, diet, physical inactivity, disease, and aging.

The Modern Sophisticated Analytical Instrumentation Facility, at our institution has been created with an objective of providing all analytical facility under one roof in order to enable for the scientific community to work in various areas of science and technology. Modern Analytical Instrumentation Facility hosts various sophisticated instruments which provide the need of cutting-edge research in many areas of modern science and technology. It also provides its users, an extensive range of analytical methods/techniques for pharmaceutical, chemical analysis, pharmacological screening and natural product characterization facility.

A high-tech computer laboratory is available with more than 50 advanced computers with LAN and internet services through wireless connectivity, and LCD projection systems, hardware and software, printers, scanners etc. The internet connection of 45 Mbps 1:1 leased line internet bandwidth connectivity from class-B Internet Service Providers for education and research is available for users on all days at all time except on holidays.

This machine room facility provides a platform for young and aspiring pharmacist, Post graduate students and research scholars to gain the hands on experience on unit operations used in the pharmaceutical industry and for the development of novel drug delivery systems in real time.

Machine room is designed to acquire skills in learning the manufacture of various solid, liquid and semi solid formulations. Machines are also available for evaluation of various pharmaceutical dosage forms.

The following instruments are available for manufacture of various pharmaceutical dosage forms like tablets, capsules, liquid orals, ointment and novel delivery systems like liposomes, nanoparticles, nanocrystals etc.

  • All purpose kalweka equipments
  • Ampoule filling and sealing machine
  • Ballmill
  • Capsule filling machine
  • Collapsible tube
  • Cramping machine
  • Coating pan
  • Double cone blender
  • High speed homogenizer
  • Mechanical stirrer
  • Probe sonicator
  • Sieve shaker
  • Ten station tablet punching machine
  • Tray dryer
  • Dissolution apparatus
  • Disintegration tester
  • Stability chamber

A separate spacious two storied building is created for housing small animals for experimental study and research. This animal house facility is approved by CPCSEA for performing animal experiments for regular practical experiments and for performing research and consultancy activities.

IT Facilities


The institution provides the below cutting-edge IT support facilities to its staff, student and research community.

  • A Computer Laboratory with the capacity of 50 Desktops from leading brands like Acer, HCL & HP.
  • Adequate Printers, Copiers and Scanners for document imaging.
  • Healthy connected 'CAMPUS-LAN' via structured Optic-Fibre and CAT6 cabling for the entire campus to anywhere data access.
  • 100Mbps dedicated 1:1 Leased Line Internet Bandwidth Connectivity from class-A (Jio) Internet Service Provider for education and research needs.
  • Protective MAC-binded, 'Wi-fi' provision at selective in-campus Blocks and Hostels.
  • Piracy-free IT environment through proper licensing of software. Tailored 'Microsoft Open Value Education Subscription' campus agreement to utilize the Microsoft products.
  • Specialized software for each department to meet the industry-need teaching and Communication Teaching-Learning Tools from 'EWL (English Edu.-Will Wordsworth)' & 'Clarity Learning' to enhance language skills.
  • Secured IT Infrastructure by the leading security product manufacturers 'Sophos Firewall' on their hardware kit and 'K7 Enterprise Endpoint Security' on software suite.
  • LCD projectors at each class room & a dedicated Smart Board Class room to establish the ICT enabled teaching method.
  • IP based CCTV Surveillance with footage recording at key areas & exam halls to ensure safety.
  • Un-interrupted power supply through online UPSs and Generator with the capacity of 38KVA and 250KVA respectively.
Wifi Registration

Lecture Hall


KMCH College of Pharmacy campus has spacious, well equipped lecture halls that provide the most favorable atmosphere for vibrant and focused learning. The lecture halls are furnished with contemporary audiovisual possessions. The audiovisual amenities vary according to the program of study. Lecture hall PCs are also prepared with identical software. The Lecture halls are properly ventilated and ergonomically designed to make sure that each student has adequate space, and each faculty member has the conveniences required to deliver to students/ learners a focused arena to develop their personalities.

In addition to lecture hall teaching, students can interact with faculties in discussion room located in each faculty room. These facilities therefore, make classroom teaching and learning an pleasant and productive experience for the students as well as faculty members. Display boards have been put up in the lecture halls, which serve as platforms for cheering ingenuity and mounting awareness among the students.

Audio Visual Hall

AV Hall is designed to meet the challenging expectations of modern-day students. The Hall is equipped with audiovisual equipment like Video projectors with auto recording facility, Cameras, comfortable seating, carpeting, wall paneling for acoustic effects, air-condition facility and a podium. The AV Hall is virtually connected with modern designed board meeting room.

Multipurpose Hall

The multipurpose halls are mainly utilized for conducting seminar, conferences and examinations. They are well aided with comfortable seating and latest teaching audio-visual equipment like LCD Projectors, speakers, cordless mike, pointer torch and air conditioned to facilitate smooth kinetics of knowledge. Examination halls were monitored by digital camera with recorder and provided with metal detector for detecting electronic and other metal devices.

Animal House


The centralized animal house of KMCH College of Pharmacy built in 170 sq/mt area in the college campus. The Animal house have different sections as per the CPCSEA guidelines viz. instruction room, quarantine section, store room, surgical room, Animal stock room, experimental room and Cleaning area. The animal house facilities are considered necessary for testing any chemical substances and pharmaceuticals prior to human trials. So very research institutions necessary to have animal house facilities to boost the research, teaching, hands on training to students which help to meet the growing demand in emergent field of Experimental Pharmacology. Our institution maintains a well established Animal House, set up and maintained as per the guidelines of CPCSEA (Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision on Experiments on Animals -Approval no: 685/PO/Re/S/2002/CPCSEA). This Central Animal House facility is a resource center for UG / PG students and faculty of various disciplines in KMCH College of pharmacy.


  • Periodical Institutional Animal Ethical committee meetings
  • Basic and educational animal research studies
  • Invivo studies for PG, Ph.D level and collaborative projects
  • Providing animal handling Training program periodically for faculty and students
List of Institutional Animal Ethical Committee Members





Dr. A. Rajasekaran

Biological Scientist,IAEC Chairperson


Dr. C. Kathirvelan

Main Nominee, CPCSEA


Dr. C. Gunasekaran

Link Nominee, CPCSEA


Dr.K.L. Senthilkumar

Socially Aware Nominee,  CPCSEA


Dr. V. Gowthaman

Scientist from outside the Institute,  CPCSEA


Dr.J. Rengaramanujam

Scientist from different discipline, IAEC


Dr. T. Sengottuvel

Scientist from different discipline, IAEC


Dr. S. Sankili Kumar

Veterinarian, IAEC


Dr.G. Ariharasivakumar

Scientist In-charge

Animal House facility cum Member Secretary, IAEC

Drug and Poison Information Center


The Drug and Poison information Center is a division of the Department of Pharmacy Practice and is housed at Kovai Medical Center Hospital, Coimbatore. Facilities like Consultation room, Counseling room, library and information service, separate telephone lines to receive and provide drug and poison information calls. Lexicomp clinical drug information database access is available in the department for effective counseling and other clinical pharmacy activities. CD ROM databases such as DRUGDEX, MARTINDALE systems and POISON INDEX Systems are also available.

Drugs and poison information center was established to

  • provide information about poison and treatment protocols
  • afford inclusive, accurate and timely information to patients.
  • boost the medical care of patients

Medicinal Garden

  • Medicinal plants have a great role in human life and India has rich diversity of medicinal plants. About 90% of herbs are used in manufacturing of Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homoeopathy medicines.
  • In our KMCH College of Pharmacy we have established an arboretum of medicinal plants in an area of about 500 Sq.M. The objective of establishing this garden is to maintain a conservatory of the most common and important species of medicinal and aromatic plants which are being used in day-to-day primary health care.
  • All the plant species were authentically identified by expert taxonomists, labelled and in many cases their therapeutic values in curing different diseases are also highlighted.



The every-growing library is a immeasurable sea of information for young minds. Innumerable text books, reference, journals and periodicals make for interesting reading. To add with it, there's Internet facility for online search that brings the world of information to the students. The library regularly subscribes periodicals related to pharmaceutical sciences.

  • Title of Books available - 8388
  • Volume of Books available - 15261
  • Number of International & National journals - 2087
  • Number of e-journals subscribed - 2071
  • Number of Print Journals - 16
  • Number of CDs available - 318
  • Number of Magazines and Newspaper – 06
  • E-Books - 1335

Salient Features

  • The library is kept open from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm on all working days
  • Our library is completely computerized and automation of all its operations
  • "Books are for use and not Preservation" With this dictum our Library functions. Hence the Open Access followed
  • Loan of books to members is through Identify Cards with Bar-Coding.
  • Photocopying facility is available on the library. It provides an invaluable service to the student.
  • A convenient spacious reading area with 100 seating capacity is available within the library
  • Separate sections for text books, reference books, Journals, Periodicals, Back volumes, Project reports with Internet access available

Rules and Regulations

Students should strictly adhere following rules while they are in the library.

  • Students should enter their name with sign the entry register kept at the entrance before entering the library.
  • Student should conform the entry /out to the library through barcode reader by using ID card.
  • Students should maintain silence and decorum in the library.
  • Personal books or notebooks are not allowed in the library. A single sheet of paper, however, can be used for taking notes.
  • Bags, handbags, parcels, aprons or other receptacles are not allowed inside the library.
  • Four books can be borrowed at a time for a period of 5 days. Borrowed books should be returned on or before the due date.
  • The student will be held responsible for any damage to the borrowed books.
  • If an issued book is lost by the student, then the same should be replaced with the latest edition.
  • The "No dues certificate" will be issued only after returning all the borrowed books.


Online Databases



Clinical information services

Science direct

Bibliographical search service